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Learn More About Chin Implant Removal and Correction

Chin Implant Removal and Correction Near Denver, CO

Boulder Plastic Surgery

If you’re looking for a place to get chin implant removal near Denver, CO, you obviously want to go someplace that has plenty of experience and expertise to perform the procedure. We’re happy to report that you’ll find exactly that at Boulder Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kuisle and Dr. Hartley are two of the foremost practitioners of cosmetic surgery in the Denver area, and have more than 38 combined years of experience performing procedures that are both surgical and non-invasive. Our goal is to help you achieve the results that you desire with as little downtime as possible, and numerous patients throughout the greater Denver area can attest to our success.

Why May You Need Chin Implant Correction?

There are many reasons for seeking chin implant removal near Denver, CO. Perhaps foremost among these is that either the implant was installed incorrectly, leading to a crooked or skewed appearance, or, in some cases, the patient decides that they dislike the shape of the implant and would like to change it. No matter the reason for seeking chin implant removal surgery, Denver, CO patients can rest easy knowing that Dr. Kuisle and Dr. Hartley are up to the task.

Chin implants are used to augment the chin and the cheekbone, either as a result of trauma or disfigurement or for cosmetic enhancement, and it’s obviously disappointing when the results do not come out as desired. The ease of replacing the implants is also dependent on the material of which they’re made. Silicone implants are easy to remove, while those that are made of MedPor or Gore-Tex can be more difficult, as the body grows into these implants.

That said, the chin implant doesn’t always necessarily need to be replaced — sometimes it can be removed entirely, which will typically result in the patient’s face returning to its pre-operative state. In the case of larger implants, fat transfers may be necessary as a result of stretched skin.

Choose Boulder Plastic Surgery

Chin implant removal near Denver, CO needn’t be an arduous process. At Boulder Plastic Surgery, we specialize in minimally invasive techniques to help you get back up to full speed as soon as possible. No matter your specific needs and desires for cosmetic correction or enhancement, we’re confident that we can help you when you visit our office, so make an appointment today!