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Tips For for a Smooth Septoplasty Recovery

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A septoplasty can be a great turnaround for someone with nasal problems due to a deviated septum. Through a relatively quick outpatient process, the wall inside the nose is repaired to allow for clearer airflow through the nasal passage and to help with chronic problems like epistaxis or sinusitis. Septoplasties are one of the many procedures offered by Boulder Plastic Surgery. Post-surgical care for our patients is extremely important to us. Following these tips will help to guarantee your best possible recovery.

Key Precautions to Take

At Boulder Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients key tips for having the best possible recovery. Here are a few:

  • Avoid breathing through your nose. Just like you should avoid putting weight on a sprained ankle, try breathing through your mouth instead. This may be difficult at first because it seems unnatural, but with a little practice, it will become second nature.
  • Don’t blow your nose. If you’re experiencing a runny nose, sniff gently instead. Blowing could rupture the tissues that are still healing.
  • Don’t wear glasses. Use contact lenses instead. Wearing glasses puts pressure on your nose.
  • Keep your head elevated above your heart. This is a very important point, especially during the first several days. If your head dips below your heart, blood begins to rush to your face and could cause your nose to swell and bleed. When lying down, elevate your head with a few pillows to reduce drainage.
  • Take your prescribed painkillers on a schedule, knowing that they will probably make you drowsy. Following your doctor’s orders for taking them will help you have a more comfortable recovery.
  • Use the nasal spray prescribed by your doctor. Keeping the interior of your nose moist will help to reduce bleeding.
  • Avoid flying in planes during your recovery. The high altitudes of flying can cause uncomfortable pressure changes in your nose and bleeding.

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