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About Us

Our Mission

To provide our patients with uncompromising quality of plastic surgical care in a personal, professional and caring environment to ensure optimum outcomes.

The Office

Doctors Kuisle, Hartley and Maxhimer are highly skilled in performing today’s cutting edge technologically advanced procedures. They offer these in a very caring, sensitive, informative and supportive environment. Our philosophy is that a superior plastic surgeon must evaluate and treat the entire patient from the foundation of form and function, to a realistic self-image and ego. All patients are encouraged to commit to a total self improvement regime that includes skin health, nutrition and overall wellness, to compliment and enhance the results of cosmetic surgical facial rejuvenation, body contouring or any enhancement that individuals undertake. Members of our staff are friendly, well trained, and caring. They support each patient through every step of the surgical procedure, adding a personal touch to Dr. Kuisle’s, Dr. Hartley’s and Dr Maxhimer’s practice.

Philosophy of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery:

Analyze Scientifically. Communicate with Empathy. Craft Artistically.

Plastic surgery is a profession and art of fine lines. . .

  • Fashioning fine lines in reconstructive design procedures.
  • Eliminating fine lines of facial flaws and the aging process.
  • Protecting fine lines of marketing the medical profession.
  • Managing the fine lines of meeting patient’s needs and desires.

We pride ourselves in our ability to manage the functions of each of these fine lines through choices associated with the profession and art of plastic surgery.

Whether you are considering an elective cosmetic procedure or reconstructive surgery, we practice and encourage a philosophy of choice for our patients. Choices include the physician, specific procedures, timing, location and much more. We believe strongly in your choice as a patient. It is your obligation to yourself to become informed and make wise choices.

Patients should carefully choose a surgeon whose training, credentials, expertise, commitment and judgment match his/her intuitive comfort level. Excellence in plastic surgery requires a well-trained, board-certified surgeon who can apply judgment, artistry, technique and anatomical evaluation to sound surgical principles. You should feel comfortable with the surgeon, the staff and office environment.

The comprehensive nature of our approach to cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures is evidenced throughout our practice. From initial consult to post-surgical follow-up, our goal is to help create a stronger self-image, resulting in better quality of life for each of our patients.

While perfection is always the ultimate goal – and our professional motivation – it is, by its nature, rarely obtainable. We do, however, work in unison with each patient to strive for their ultimate satisfaction. In doing so, we begin with a careful review of realistic expectations based on each individual’s anatomy, selected procedures, circumstances, desires and patient post-surgical follow-through. Every pre-surgical consultation includes an in-depth discussion of individual desires, personality and expectations, as well as anatomy, tolerance, healing and tissue characteristics. The anticipated outcome and limitations of the procedure under consideration, as well as the surgical techniques, are carefully reviewed. No two people are alike.

Creating change in an individual’s self-image is a huge responsibility for a surgeon – an obligation we take very seriously. With more than 20 years of experience in the profession of cosmetic surgery and over 30 combined years of general surgery and plastic surgery training and practice, a clear philosophy has evolved in order to climb closer to healing perfection. A mutually trusting, comfortable, respectful and communicative relationship must exist between physician and patient in order to execute the practice of cosmetic surgery and healing. Make the right choice for you.